Italy is a compact company with plenty of roads to get lost along, explore quaint towns, bustling cities, and plentiful gorgeous landscapes along the way. From the breathtaking northern mountains to the eclectic southern coast along clear waters, any roadside journey is sure to be dynamic. Whether its cuisine, architecture, art, or fashion- Italy has something for everyone

I just love having no cell service when I travel! I like to be fully present and tune out all the distractions from home. When I went to Italy 10 years ago with my now husband, neither of us got an international plan. It made the trip so enjoyable to focus on spending time together in this beautiful country without getting sidetracked by our handheld devices.

If you're like me, you probably ate a lot of pasta during the quaren-time. Now I want to really indulge in the real thing.

Italy was beautiful, I went to spend the new year 2015 there. I visited Rome! It was just like the movies. Defeltly a place I would love to come back to.

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