Cable Beach

When a telegraph cable was laid between the Western Australian outpost of Broome and the Indonesian island of Java in 1889, the piece of sand that formed its beginning (or its end, I’m not a cable expert) was named after the mega infrastructure effort, resulting in an underwhelming name for an overwhelming place. They really should’ve run with Holy Sh*t Beach or Are You Seeing What I’m F***ing Seeing Bay. It was a more restrained time, I suppose. Cable Beach is 22 km — almost 14 miles — of white sandy Australian beach goodness. If you get from one end to the other, congrats, you’ve officially completed a half marathon. Gantheaume Point, at the beach’s southern tip, is a non-stop wildlife-fest of dolphins, migrating whales, and freakin’ dinosaur footprints hidden in rocks exposed at low tide. Throw your leg over a camel at sunrise or sunset, and bask in Mother Nature’s handiwork. Be aware that no less than 17 km (10.5 mi) of beach is clothing optional, and if you do choose to let it all hang out, it’s wise to keep your more precious bits away from the water during stinger season — box jellyfish rule these waters from November to April. Happily, this is also wet season and most visitors come during the other, sunnier half of the year.

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