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Inokashira Park

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Inokashira Park is a true oasis tucked away in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. The park is famous for its sprawling and well-kept grounds that are picturesque in every season. Pink sakura petals flutter in the spring, cool summer breezes sweep through lush green plant life, and vibrant oranges and reds paint the trees in the fall. Whether you are taking a walk in the crisp winter air or celebrating the annual cherry blossom festival, Inokashira park will not disappoint.

madeleineray 2 months ago

Head into the serenity of Inokashira Park when the frantic city life gets to be a bit much. Bring a fancy parasol and rent a rowboat for an Instagram photo shoot to truly assimilate.  The park is great in every season, from the pink cherry blossoms in the spring to the deep fall reds. Inokashira Park turned 100 years old in 2017 and is home to 20,000 trees throughout its 10 acres. Sundays are a great day here with a small craft market on the north side of the pond.

laurenallain 1 year ago

Inokashira Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Tokyo. The park has paved pathways to enjoy a stroll, a beautiful pond equipped with boats for visitors, and cherry blossom trees that unfold to create a truly stunning site in the spring. Enjoy the well-kept grounds of the park for a breath of fresh air during your Tokyo explorations.

madeleineray 2 years ago

Home to plentiful facilities and even the mythical Studio Ghibli Museum, Inokashira Park is a famed sprawling oasis near the Kichijoji neighborhood that looks beautiful all year. With bright red leaves and crisp temperatures, endless views of gorgeous sprawling lands, and even a shimmering lake, Inokashira Park is easily one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the change of seasons.

madeleineray 2 years ago

Inokashira Park is a mystical place that is one of the most famed date spots in the city. A sprawling park nearby the quaint Kichijoji neighborhood, Inokashira park encompasses a gorgeous lake to paddle along, stunning nature, and even the iconic Ghibli Museum in case you or your date likes classic Japanese animation.

madeleineray 1 year ago

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