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The deliciously aromatic smell warrants a visit alone. La Victoria is one of the oldest coffee plantations in Colombia, and a walk through the old style building feels like a step back in time. And coffee isn’t the only brew available, either. They also have an artisanal brewery called Nevada onsite. As if coffee and beer weren’t enough to satisfy, you can also stay right on the grounds at Casa Viejas, a mid-jungle oasis that matches the historical charm of the rest of the grounds. I didn’t spend the night due to prior made accommodations, but could’ve easily set up shop there for a few days.

travelempa 1 year ago

Colombia’s oldest working coffee plantation certainly deserves a visit during any caffeine-tinted itinerary. Dating back to 1892, La Victoria was founded at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in the tiny town of Minca.  Step back in time through the old-style buildings and see how the farm is entirely self sustaining, running on nothing but water from the surrounding mountain streams. It shows a glimpse into Colombia’s history of coffee production from the very beginning. You can also find a small artisanal brewery that produces handcrafted beer with fresh water from the Sierra and local products, such as coffee and coca leaves.

braedentg 2 years ago

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