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A temple coming straight out of the water? Am I kidding you? No, I'm not. Tanah Lot is roughly a 15-minute drive north of Canggu, and it's def worth a visit. At high tide, it looks like an island coming out of the water. And at low tide, you can stroll around leisurely. It's pretty sweet regardless of when you show up.

There’s hardly a temple in Bali – nay, all of Southeast Asia – as breathtaking as Tanah Lot. It’s perched on a craggy stack of rock surrounded by the white-capping waves of the Indian Ocean. You’ll find it jutting into the water a little along the coast from Canggu. The complex is divided into two. There’s the onshore portion, where smaller shrines to demigods can be visited when the tide is up (making the main temple inaccessible). Then there’s the offshore part of the site, which looks positively otherworldly when the sunset glows orange, yellow, and ochre across its pagodas.

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