Four long peninsulas that look like tentacles joined together make up Sulawesi, the eleventh largest island in the world (and one of the best islands in Indonesia outside of Bali). The sea is so ubiquitous in Sulawesi that the earth seems to surrender itself before it. Its volcanic nature generates sea beds covered with coral and brimming with vibrant sea life. Traveling from one peninsula to another is usually more comfortable by sea than by the winding roads. Despite being a city with the majority Muslim population, four ethnic groups coexist here, each with its own dialect. This spot was super during the colonial period which drew a lot of travelers in and made it an epicenter of business. In Makassar’s streets, you can see the Catholicism left by the Portuguese, Dutch infrastructure, Protestant churches and the fort of Rotterdam, a structure built in the seventeenth century. Taka Bonerate National Marine Park is the third largest atoll in the world with 15 islands. The park is 16 hours by boat from Makassar. An attractive underwater and jungle enclave, the Togean Islands are easily accessible thanks to the boats that connect Ampana and Gorontalo. The city of Manado, with its international airport, allows access to Pulau Bunaken National Marine Park, which is considered one of the best underwater destinations in the world for its 300 types of coral and 3,000 species of fish.


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  • Places I wanna go in Indonesia (outside of Bali) I live in Bali, and honestly, it's pretty hard to leave the island when things are as good as they are here. There's a ton to see around Indonesia though and I'm eager to plan some more "out there" trips.

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