Casa Milà

Wait, more architecture? You betcha. Modernisme is the collective name given to the movement that happened in Catalonia at the turn of the 20th century, giving the region its strong sense of identity. Architecture is just one aspect of the wider movement, and Antoni Gaudi but one man in a sea of architects who helped develop the style. But darn it if he isn’t the best. Casa Milà is another of his works, made up of an all-white exterior, gently undulating between wrought-iron balconies and sporting a spectacular rooftop.  Spot this one on a self-guided walking tour of Gaudi’s Barcelona.

A leisurely 20 minute stroll down Carrer Gran de Garcia on your Barcelona walking tour will take you to Casa Milà, contrastingly one of the most famous Gaudi-designed homes in Barcelona. The fabulous exterior façade of the house, known as La Pedrera (the stone quarry), is intricate and captivating enough, yet the exhibition room in its interior and the amazing rooftop terrace certainly warrant an entry ticket of their own accord. As with all of Gaudi’s works, Milà captivates both in its details and as a whole: you could spend hours on end trying to capture every minute detail and seeing how they all merge to complete the ethereal picture. Every column is unique and slightly slanted, the wrought iron work is magnificent, and the undulating balconies grant Milà an almost cartoon-like appearance. Casa Milà was the last private house Gaudi worked on before dedicating himself fully to La Sagrada Familia in 1912. It has been UNESCO inscribed, like six other Gaudi treasures, since 1984.

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