Kazimierz Dolny

Clutching a bend in the Vistula River amid lush hills and woodlands in rustic Pulawy County is the chilled escape of Kazimierz Dolny. Since anyone can remember, it’s been a hub for sculptors, painters, poets, writers, and a hotbed for creative Jewish culture. There must be something about the gingerbread homes, the cobbled squares, and the ivy-clad cottages that offers inspiration. Try not to visit on Saturday or Sunday as there are huge crowds of day-trippers and all that.

No ultimate bucket list for Krakow could possibly be complete without a mention of the boho Jewish Quarter that sits to the south of the Old Town. It’s known as Kazimierz, and it comes with moody bars and atmospheric lanes where jazz joints and street-food outlets combine beautifully. History is high on any guide to Kazimierz, too. You’ll find it in the Jewish Old Synagogue or with the Jewish Galicia Museum and its moving photographic exhibits. In short, set aside at least a whole day to explore this enthralling neighborhood!

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