Luxor Governorate

Egypt’s famous Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens is a spellbinding but brutally hot place to visit. Skip the crowds and the high temps and take to the skies instead and you’ll enjoy an arguably better experience overall. Ancient, priceless and enticing, the treasures of Luxor are an absolute must-see yet dare I say the view from above is even more unforgettable than a close-up look on the ground. The super early morning start will make you rethink your plans (as in, what was I thinking?) but endure the sleepiness and you’ll enjoy the most magnificent sunrise experience ever. All compliments of Mother Nature and those ingenious ancient Egyptians. Where from? Very early (3.30am – 4am) pick up from your Luxor Hotel or cruise ship. By whom? Several companies; Sindbad Hot Air Balloons the best rated, by far. How Long? One-hour flight plus (short) travel time How much? Prices start from USD 92

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