Wieliczka Salt Mine

UNESCO sites come thick and fast in this southerly corner of Poland. For many, the best of the bunch is the amazing salt mines complex at Wieliczka. Located just outside of Krakow, it delves 327 meters underground. Thigh-busting staircases lead the way, and then it’s onto the tunnels that weave and wiggle past big stalactites and stalagmites, where carved totems made by miners and artists centuries ago fill the alcoves. Eventually, you’ll reach jaw-dropping St. Kinga’s Chapel. It’s entirely crafted from rock salt and even boasts a replica of The Last Supper made from the stuff you usually sprinkle on your chips!

Prepare to be stunned by the sheer audacity of the UNESCO-tagged Wieliczka Salt Mine. Delving some 327 meters underground in the suburb of Wieliczka, this colossal warren of tunnels and caverns is packed with hand-carved figurines made from rock salt and comes steeped in legends and myths related to Polish princesses. There’s even a whole cathedral chiseled into the stone at the opening of St. Kinga’s Chapel, which has chandeliers made from crystals and a sculpted replica of The Last Supper.

Poland małopolskie Wieliczka

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