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In an area known as the Dragon’s Backbone, the rice terraces you’ll find here are some of the finest on Earth. Rice terraces can be found across Asia and all of them are stunning works of art, but these are certainly the most breathtaking you’ll see in China. Seeing them is seeing what has made up the groundwork of Chinese history, culture, and cuisine for thousands of years, and they’re still being cultivated and maintained day after day. Here you’ll step back in time to ancient Chinese villages full of people who still live by the ancient ways.

booksandbao 4 years ago

China’s Longsheng County is something out of a surrealist painting, with free-flowing slopes and hues of green that make broccoli jealous. Construction of the rice terraces began way back in the fine year of 1271, during the Yuan Dynasty. Nowadays, the Zhuang and Yao nationalities live here, and you can get a unique glimpse into their culture during a visit. Pro tip: splurge for a bird’s eye view.

travelempa 2 years ago

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