Places with rooftop bars in DC & VA

Netanya Trimboli

Everyone loves a good rooftop bar, especially when the weather is nice. Here are a few to enjoy in the DC/VA area.

Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill, Top of the Gate, Parc de Ville, Perry's Restaurant, POV Rooftop, Beacon Bar & Grill

  • Arlington Rooftop Bar & Grill in Arlington, United States

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    • netanyas

      This is a great rooftop bar for those who don't feel like get dressed up and just want to watch some sports while drinking beer. Right in the heart of the Courthouse/Clarendon district, there's nothing but vibe in the bar and on the street.

  • Top of the Gate, United States

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    • netanyas

      This bar at the top of the famed Watergate hotel boast sweeping views of the Potomac River and magical views of the sunset. With a mix of comfy oversized chairs and sofas and tables for dining, you'll want to hang out for a long time (just watch your tab!).

  • Parc de Ville, United States

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    • netanyas

      This restaurant in the popular Mosaic District just opened its trendy rooftop bar in July 2021. It's just as nice as those DC joints, but patroned by the hip suburban crowd.

  • Perry's Restaurant, United States

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    • netanyas

      Although known for their Drag Brunch, Perry's is also famed for their expansive rooftop bar and restaurant.

  • POV Rooftop, United States

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    • netanyas

      Arguably the trendiest of rooftop bars, this one has the price tag to match. But with views of the White House and Washington Monument, it's easy to understand why. Just make sure you have a reservation, especially on the weekends.

  • Beacon Bar & Grill, United States

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    • netanyas

      Even though this is at a hotel, the prices are reasonable and it's a very chill vibe. It's a couple blocks off the main drag, so it's convenient to everything, but it's great for those who don't want to be in the center of the action.